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Rain or shine our local cancer survivors were invited for many years to gather for the Celebration of Life Survivor Photo annually in September taken on the steps of the Winneshiek County Courthouse. 




2016 Survivor Photo

(Front row, left to right): Dianne Wiltgen, Mary Pat Shimek, Mary Anne Bakken and Renee Olson.

(Middle row, left to right): Marian Rovang-Rude, Sue Frana, Joyce Langreck and Caryl Larson.

(Back row, left to right): Joe Grimstad, Sharon Roher, Karen Erion and Bill Price.


2015 Survivor Photo

(First row, left to right): Elaine Englet, Dianne Wiltgen, Vi Krivacek, Odella Kuhn, Mary Pat Shimek and Harlan Vine.

(Second row, left to right): Renee Olson, Sandy Hoeg, Caryl Larson, Barbara Nelson and Nancy Solomonson.

(Third row, left to right): Lori Shindelar, Arlene Foltz, Joyce Langreck, Mary Anne Bakken, Lois Ruff, Ellen Drewes-Stoen and Sharon Rossman.

(Fourth row, left to right): Sharon Roher, Rose Mary Gerleman, David Dobson, Gary Lukes and John Dahle.


2013 Survivor Photo

(Front row): Olivette Kriener.

(Second row, left to right): Mary Pat Shimek, Phyllis Doubak, Mary Ann Bakken, Sandra Hoeg and Vi Krivachek.

(Third row): Sharon Rossman, Margaret Riha, Lois Ruff, Barbra Nelson and Renee Olson.

(Fourth row): Elaine Ward, Rosemary Gerleman, Kathy Mc Neal and Marilyn Green.


2014 Survivor Photo

(Front row, left to right): Sandy Hoey, Josephine Escamilla, Dianne Wiltgen, Lois Roberts, Sue Frana, Nancy Solomonson and Mary Pat Shimek. 

(Middle row, left to right): Mary Anne Bakken, Sharon Rossman, Sharon Roher, Deb Rima, Rose Mary Gerleman and Vi Krivacek. 

(Back row, left to right): Joyce Langreck, Renee Olsen, Kathryn Tollefson, Karen Erion, Cindy Blue, Lois Danielson and Debra Alberts


2012 Survivor Photo

Identification unavailable.


2011 Survivor Photo

Identification unavailable.

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